Inservice Training Day

Infusion Plus, Inc has now developed an Annual Inservice Training/Education Day. On Monday, Nov 12, 2018 twelve of our nurses (Kathy Puza, Rachael Hathaway, Alex Govor, Dimitry Kostyushko, Carol Sennett, Kate Byrne, Jackie Diaz, Dorothy Franco, Claudia Kingsbury, Susan Fullana, and Erin Sevilla) attended an all day event at our office. During this time we completed annual competency training in the therapies we administer along with a handwashing competency/education session. We also had a speaker come to train the nurses in subcutaneous IG administration. The nurses participated in a webinar that spoke of Hazardous Infusion Drug Administration in the Home Setting. We discussed our Emergency Operations Plan for our patients. An at length staff discussion at the end of the day included current issues and concerns regarding our practice.